Investment Loans


Investment Loans

“Our expert mortgage brokers can help you secure an investment property loan or construction loan for property development”

Wondering if you can get an investment loan for either residential or commercial real estate properties?  You can also get an investment loan for property development; however, not all investment loan products are same.

Our specialist investment property loan brokers make sure that, you can take full advantage of any available cost saving options aligned to your investment strategy. Our mortgage brokers can also help you cash out from your existing property equity for investment or business purposes. Simply call us or book online for a premium home loan broker service for free.

She will examine your financial position to match the requirements for cash deposits and advise you on alternative ways to fulfill the requirements. With keen attention to detail and overall financial expertise, Shivani can guide you through the entire process so it does not seem like a hurdle, regardless of your investment purpose.

Investment loan is a good option for you if:

  • You have assets, such as a buy-to-let home or securities, which you can use as collateral. 
  • You are an experienced and profit-seeking investor and well aware of the risks associated with your investment instrument.
  • You have sufficient repayment capacity. You can therefore pay the investment loan expenses in addition to all other expenses you have. 

How we help our clients?

  • Right Loan

    We find the right home loan at a great rate from a wide range of home loan offers.

  • Free Expert Advice

    You don’t miss out on any available grants or concessions for your property financing.

  • Peace Of Mind

    Knowing that a home loan expert is looking out for the best deal for you.

  • Convenience

    Our brokers will come to you & take care of the application until the home loan is settled.

  • Timely Funding

    Get the home loan amount you want in a timely manner without any stress.

  • Premium Service

    Most importantly you will get a five-star mortgage broking service and advice for free.

Benefits of Services

  • We compare and choose from over 1500 home loans from hundreds of different lenders including all the top tier banks for our clients.
  • Our experienced mortgage brokers have excellent results and have helped thousands of happy clients buy their dream home.
  • We understand that time is of the essence and we value our clients’ time, therefore, we have a sense of urgency with fast turn times.
  • We believe in best customer service. Simply call us if you have any questions regarding your home loan and we will happily answer.